Termites like wood

Current playground safety standards are unsafe

It should go without saying that termites like wood, unless it's 12" thickness of partially broken up and ready to eat wood chips, then they love it. Almost like having enough to eat all you want and take some with you for later, Termites aren't necessarily going to cause harm to humans, it's the wooden stuff that humans have that can get damaged when something attracts termites nearby. Generally there are some things it's preferred not to attract, and termites are included. 


There are plenty of other bugs that also love to either build their homes within deteriorating wood fiber, or feed on it and other things attracted to it. Beetles, cockroaches, water bugs, ants, sow bugs, and other insects that help things to break down like everything to do with rotting wood and helping it go just a little bit faster down that path. 


While all this is goind on with the various other insects, the termites might get the idea to swam, take to the wing, and find something else nearby that might have some tasty wood to dig into along with thousands of friends and family members. It could be a nearby structure, a home, or something else.