Listed below are 99 pages and documents accessible within this website, organized under 3 main link categories: Menu links =6; Icon links =21; INFOto links =63; plus 9 others, which are grouped into related topics. We've also included 6 outside website links to more info. 


If you require any additional information about anything on this website, our products and their applications, please feel free to contact us, so we may promptly respond to your request and assist you with your specific needs.


Menu links

These are the main menu selections, leading to  the main pages with icon-based links (the green oval outlines with custom icons inside), which access in-depth information about each topic in text, plus INFOto graphic-based links.



Icon links

These are the pages with the most in-depth text information on the website, with graphic INFOto links.


Playground structures & safety


Comparing safety surfaces

Helpful information


Product features & benefits


Other product uses


INFOto links

These are mostly short pages & brief reads, reinforcing the INFOto graphic through descriptive text. 


Photos tend to convey so much, so quickly and easily. We decided to include a short text statement within each one, creating what we call informational photos, or INFOtos, and there are 63 of them. They are placed throughout the website. Clicking on any of them enlarges that INFOto to fill your screen, making it easier to read. Clicking on the text beneath each INFOto opens up a page dedicated to it, containing relevant descriptive text.


Playground planning info


Playground equipment info


Wood products


Playground sand


Pour-In-Place (PIP)


Product benefits & colors


Product info & add'l uses


Docs & legal links

Here are a few PDF documents and the obligatory legal stuff for the website.


PDF documents

A PDF reader application is required to view these documents (which will open in another window if PDF viewing is enabled in your browser).



Legal stuff


Outside links

We felt providing 6 outside links to additional information for much of what is stated and referenced within this website might be helpful and useful.

So many outside websites (governmental agencies, etc.) with valuable reference information are constantly changing, which create "dead" links when url or web addresses are modified, and obviously these changes are beyond our control. What we can control indirectly is a website with playground safety information created years ago by this company's founder, while a certified playground safety inspector (CPSI) authoring locally and nationally published articles and conducting seminars on playground safety.