Order planning info

We ship directly to you from eight factory locations throughout North America, with most orders delivering in about a week from order processing, if the requested product is within existing inventory at the closest local factory to you. This helps to minimize shipping costs, and there are a few bits of information helpful to obtain the most accurate and best possible pricing. (Note that many shipping rates are good for only 72 hours without re-quoting.)


We sell only full pallets of rubber mulch product ourselves and we supply the best online seller resource, that sells smaller increments of single bags to quantities of four or more bags through Amazon for smaller projects, using the same high quality product from US Rubber Mulch. 


First, define your application (playground, landscaping, etc.) and overall square footage (visit our area calculator page). Then determine the proper depth (typically 2" for landscaping, 6" for public playgrounds, 3" for walkways and dog runs), and the color(s) you would like. Once we know how much of a particular product you require, we need: A) a description of where it will be delivered (residential, commercial, public park, etc.); B) the zip code; and, C) whether you have a forklift available for offloading or need a delivery truck with a lift gate and pallet jack, to obtain an accurate shipping price for you (unless you would like to arrange your own freight).  Please review our sales terms & conditions which apply to all orders. 

Coverage information

We only sell in increments of full pallets, which for rubber mulch contains 75 cubic feet of material each, although different depths have different rates of natural compaction, so the basic calculation for thickness does not apply. Please refer to the following coverage information below for each depth, listing how many square feet are covered by a full pallet of 50 bags, as well as each individual bag containing 1.5 cubic feet each.

Coverage chart

Factory shipping locations

We ship factory direct to you, eliminating any additional costs, which also means we can get you what you need much quicker than others. With eight factory shipping locations for the various products, seven of which handle rubber mulch, we can locate what you need at the closest location nearest you, to save on shipping charges. We obtain multiple competitive quotes from various shipping resources, depending on the overall quantity of the order and destination, and pass along the lowest viable rate to you. This way, we can charge a lower price per pallet, with the only additional charges for shipping. 

With the current volatility of freight and shipping availability, rates keep reaching higher and higher, and let's face reality here, no one is really offering you free delivery. They can't without charging you a flat rate per pallet that includes what they feel is the most they would have to pay for shipping, then they pocket the difference when it costs less. Ultimately, this often costs more than a flat rate per pallet, plus shipping, and we offer reseller and quantity discounts per pallet. For small backyard playsets these days, shipping one or two pallets to any residential location has become pretty costly and decent rates are rare. However, it's the best playground safety surfacing for the money, protecting children better for a longer period of time than other alternatives, in the event of any fall impacts. 


If you have access to trucking services at a better rate, will call pick-up appointments are available upon request, with advance communication and documentation (Bill of Lading, etc.) via email, and are typically available within 2-3 weekdays from order processing. This allows enough time to pick and pull each order, process the BOL and stage it for the assigned pick-up appointment. 


Please let us know if you have any specific requirements you would like assistance with. We also can provide our customers with special layout drawings generated for your specific application, so that DIY or contractor installations are easier to facilitate.