Military training

Current playground safety standards are unsafe

Military training is rigorous and difficult, to properly prepare everyone to be ready to respond to any situation or need, and a lot of time and effort goes into these strenuous exercises. Just like any worthwhile investment, protecting assets is the primary goal, and those who serve are arguably the biggest asset the miliitary has. 


Fall impacts can cause injuries that can sideline or cause any enlisted individual to no longer be readily available when needed, and our rubber mulch provides the best fall impact protection for a variety of purposes. Some of the past uses have included: gauntlet training courses, hand to hand combat training area surfacing, paratrooper jump training, special forces tactical training fall protection (including elevated zip lines, etc.), absorbing impact from guided airborne military assets, and many more.


Protect your assets. We've worked closely with U.S. military bases who have tested our rubber mulch extensively, and reported it provides up to 100% better impact absorption that even other rubber mulches! 


Experienced shooters and ranges often load their own ammo, so they know exactly how many grains are in there for the load, and there's been an increase in wanting to capture and collect the loads at a shooting range for recycling purposes. Rubber mulch is great for slowing down and stopping payloads quickly, minimizing dispersal so retrieval is made easier.


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