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US Rubber Mulch makes good landscaping great, by maintaining soil moisture and temperature best, while staying in place and looking beautiful for much longer than anything else, at a competitive price. Rubber mulch also works better on slopes where wood mulch is gone within days or a couple of weeks, and likewise for areas where wood mulch won't last due to wind, rain or run-off.


Because it's not affected by the wind, leaves and debris are easily blown out, while the rubber mulch stays in place. Weed seeds that blow in tend to cook and die on the sun-warmed surface of the rubber mulch, yet it acts as a heat sink better than anything else, keeping soils cooler and maintaining moisture best, in even the hottest weather. 


Community entrances, common areas, in medians, near guard gates, around monuments, or anywhere long-lasting beauty and functionality, with very little to no maintenance, provides that beneficial curb appeal that so many seek. Rubber mulch makes it easier and cheaper, because it's not having to be replaced as frequently as every 6 to 8 weeks, like wood mulch. It can't absorb liquid fertilizers or pesticides and become a "hot mulch," and it won't attract bugs, rodents or other critters, microbes, and things your landscaping could really do without. 


Using the 1.5 cubic foot bags, controlling the desired 2" thickness (which outperforms 4" to 6" of wood mulch) is easy using a GIS application for the square footage of each area, then dividing it by 9 to equal the square feet of 2" coverage per bag. 3' x 3' area = 1 bag; 6' x 6' area = 4 bags.