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The purpose of this website design is to provide more information than most rubber mulch sites, without being bogged down in lots of text, keeping the visitor engaged based on their individual interests, offering smaller bits of easily digestible data, with educational points that are quicker & easier to understand, then applied toward making the best educated decision for any specific requirements... whatever they are. 


Each viewer's experience can be unique, because the more detailed information on separate pages are easily accessible through the links, which are either the dark green icons (and text beneath each), or the text link beneath each of the INFOto photo based informative graphics (which open a full-sized version of each graphic when clicked, making it easier to view and read).

While we do our best to provide you detailed information about so many rubber mulch topics, most people wouldn't want to wade through all of it, and find smaller and easier to digest bit of information more helpful. We are considering a blog at some point, where we would choose to go into much greater detals about a particular topic. If you hold interest in this, please drop us a line to let us know you'd like periodic updates (one of the available options) through our contact page form, which you can reach by the button at the bottom of this page.

Product uses & benefits

There are so many other beneficial applications for rubber mulch and related products other than playgrounds and landscaping. Some additional purposes include: equestrian arenas, dog runs & kennels, shooting ranges, movie sets, attraction displays, advertising commercial shoots, safety surfacing for hand-to-hand combat training facilities, fall safety for tactical training centers, military training gauntlet surfacing, as well as professional, collegiate & school synthetic turf fields, and so many more. 

Equestrian arena safety
Wood chips attract insect & pests
Wood chips attract slime mold that can harm plants
PIP is called the most dangerous playground surface
Wood chips attract insect & pests
Wood chips attract slime mold that can harm plants

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The 25 icon-based linked pages (the green ovals with icons inside), provide the best access to in-depth information about each topic in text, in a somewhat abbreviated format highlighting key factors, along with INFOto and other links. If you have only a couple of minutes or prefer little bits of information, there are 63 INFOto links to pages that usually take no more than a couple moments to read. 


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Photos tend to convey so much, so quickly and easily. We decided to include a short text statement within each one, creating what we call informational photos, or INFOtos, and there are 63 of them. They are included throughout the website, and clicking on any of them opens up the INFOto to fill your screen better, making it easier to read (you can enlarge it to its 100% resolution). Clicking on the text beneath each INFOto opens up a page dedicated to it, containing brief relevant text information that normally takes a moment or two to read..


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