Equestrian uses

Using rubber mulch for equestrian applications such as dressage or jumping helps to minimize injuries to both horse and rider, by creating a more consistently uniform surface for impact absorption, keeping the surface from compacting as easily. Unexpected encounters with different densities of surfacing can result in potentially catastrophic injuries. 


By simply mixing in a 50/50 mix of rubber mulch with sand, making sure it's all integrated and blended evenly, you can help to avoid muscle or tendon damage during dressage routines, or other injuries to horses and/or riders in the event of a fall. 


For this application, the unpainted rubber mulch is typically used, delivered in 2,000 lb. super sacks containing 75 cubic feet. Please Contact us with any questions or requirements you may have.

PIP is called the most dangerous playground surface
Wood chips attract insect & pests
Wood chips attract slime mold that can harm plants

There are so many beneficial uses for US Rubber Mulch products beyond landscaping, playground, equestrian, synthetic turf fields, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how you might best utilize it for your individual needs and specifications. Please feel free to send us a quick message through our easy to use form on our Contact page.