Retain moisture

One of the key advantages of using mulch for landscaping is moisture retention, and no other mulch does it better than our rubber mulch. University testing has shown it also keeps the soil temperature cooler than anything else, acting like a heat sink for the sun's rays and insulating the ground it's covering. Another useful benefit of this is it effectively "cooks" & kills weed seeds that blow onto it, to keep them from germinating. 


When some moisture is retained within soil, it is better suited to absorb normal rainfall moisture and minimize run-off and topsoil migration, which can happen more often when the upper layer of dried out soil can't absorb water, then becomes saturated too quickly, especially on slopes (which heavier rubber mulch works great on). Wood mulch can absorb moisture, unlike rubber mulch, sometimes in the form of liquid pesticides or fertilizers, that can create a harmful "hot" mulch when it contains high concentrations of the solids left behind when it dries out, which are then released the next time they get wet. 

Moisture in wood mulch can also result in potentially harmful microbes, including mold, mildew, fungus or bacteria. Within one community, they spent over $2,000,000 replacing dying or dead trees, shrubs and plants over a two-year period, only to find out from a horticulture specialist that their cedar chips were attracting slime mold that was essentially attacking the sensitive surface roots and killing them. They switched over to our rubber mulch and it stays where they installed it around the golf course, maintaining beauty and eliminating the prior problems, and saving lots of money in the process! Now they blow out leaves and debris to maintain the best aesthetic appeal, while retaining moisture, and providing the longest lasting advantages for their trees, shrubs and plants. 

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Wood chips attract insect & pests
Wood chips attract slime mold that can harm plants

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