Area calculation

Making an accurate calculation of the overall area you need to cover is perhaps the best place to start to figure out how much rubber mulch you might require. However, many areas aren't simple squares or rectangular in shape, which can make it difficult. We've got the solution, by breaking up the overall area(s) into smaller ones that can be defined by different common shapes, then measured. All of these are then added, subtracted and/or multiplied to result in a very accurate total square footage for your area, which then provides the starting point for knowing how much rubber mulch you really need. Use the Contact page form to request file access so you may download and use it. 


After that, it's all about getting the proper depth for your application. Do you need 2" thickness for landscaping? Are you working on a playground project which requires a 6" depth? We go into this in further detail on our thickness page.

Area shape calculation

If you are handy with a calculator, or don't have or want to use an Excel file, here are some handy calculation references for determing the area of each respective shape below. This way you can easily calculate your project area accurately, where you simply substitute the actual measurement in feet (with decimals) for any of the "A" and "B" references.


Rectangle: A x B ;  

Circle: A² x 3.14 ÷ 4 ;  

Triangle: A x B ÷ 2 ;  

Fillet: A² x 0.785 ;  

Half-circle: A² x 3.14 ÷ 8

Rectangle dimensions
Circle dimensions
Triangle dimensions
Fillet dimensions
Half-circle dimensions

Once you have your project's square footage calculated, you can more accurately determine how many pallets of rubber mulch are required. It's always best to round up and have a little more on hand, so you have some for topping off in a few years, avoiding a lot more expense with whatever shipping rates will be at that future date. Using the square footage, simply divide it by the number of square feet covered for each respective depth. 

Coverage information

We only sell in increments of full pallets, which for rubber mulch contains 75 cubic feet of material each, although different depths have different rates of natural compaction, so the basic calculation for thickness does not apply. Please refer to the following coverage information below for each depth, listing how many square feet are covered by a full pallet of 50 bags, as well as each individual bag containing 1.5 cubic feet each.

Coverage chart
NOTE: The Square Footage within the chart above at corresponding depths of application is for an individual Pallet containing 75cf or Bag of 1.5cf each.