Blow away leaves

Current playground safety standards are unsafe

Blowing away leaves on rubber mulch is as easy as blowing them off the grass, because it's not going anywhere, just like the grass. US Rubber Mulch sells full pallets that consist of 50 bags containing 1.5 cubic feet of material per bag, which totals 75 cubic feet per full pallet. A full pallet provides 450 square feet of landscaping coverage with the recommended 2" thickness, that outperforms 4" to 6" of wood product mulch for landscaping. It lasts for 25 years or more, with the best moisture retention of any mulch, maintaining better soil temperatures, and reducing weed growth, without attracting bugs, rodents, critters, microbes or other lovely additions common to wood mulch products. 


Just imagine the nice tree or plant additions you could get with all the money you'd save by using rubber mulch for landscaping, or additional playground equipment by choosing US Rubber Mulch for your safety surfacing, which once again, lasts for 25 years or more, with a 12-year color loss guarantee (not possible with wood mulch!)


Some playgrounds using our rubber mulch have their landscapers blow out the leaves twice a week, and it stays looking beautiful, year-round. Every 4 to 6 months, they churn and rake the rubber mulch to circulate the particles with the most wear with those that have been a little lower and it refreshes the overall appearance well. The best method for this is using a wide landscape rake upside down, with the spiked tines facing upward, so they can't snag on and damage the geotextile fabric. 


Rubber mulch is also ideal for xeriscapes, where leaves can be easily blows off the "terrain" created with the different mulch colors, either in a patchwork method of isolated or blended colors: using blue to depict water; green for grass, hills or trees; brown for pathways; red to depict plants, and normally most xeriscapes we've worked on have not used black... yet. You could even use rubber mulch to spell out something in landscaping, for a community hillside identification or landmark. Once again, blow away any leaves ot debris, and it looks great again.