Stays in place

Current playground safety standards are unsafe

Purchasing from US Rubber Mulch means you can install your rubber mulch once, every 25 years or more, usually with no more than 5% to 10% added every 3 to 5 years for playgrounds, or every 5-8 years for landscaping. This is because it stays where you put it, without migrating due to slopes or high winds, or washing out due to heavy rains or run-off, like wood mulch can and often does. It's 10 times heavier than engineered wood fiber (EWF) or landscaping wood mulch, so you can blow leaves and debris right out off the top of it, while it stays where it should. 


If you're in a region where you have a lot of trees and seasonal leaves, it's so easy to maintain its beauty, and if there's seasonal frost heave, the rubber mulch isn't affected at all, because it can't freeze. It ends up insulating the area underneath, all while staying in place and protecting it. 


For landscapers responsible for maintaining appearances at high profile, municipal, monuments, entry landmarks, medians, slopes, or any locations where wood mulch is difficult to maintain, rubber mulch is the ideal replacement solution. Think about this, if you're a customer who requires wood mulch be replaced as often as every 6 to 8 weeks, you could easily require at least 3 to 4 installations per year, with many communities installing wood mulch at least twice a year. Even if rubber mulch lasted only 6 years, it could eliminate the need for the installation of wood mulch up to 24 times, and all the labor that involves (not to mention fuel, transport, and other expenses. Even if the wood mulch were free, it still costs more to use in other expenses alone, and you don't get the many benefits that rubber mulch provides.